Election Day 2018 – Just say No to Racism!

Over the past few decades I have worked in Michigan Government under both Democrat and Republican administrations and I have voted for candidates on both sides while voting in the Republican primaries.

During past elections I was reluctant to comment on politics. In 2016 I was naive enough to doubt that our country would elect Donald Trump and found myself in disbelief after the election.

Now the President is even talking about issuing an executive order overriding the US Constitution so that he can deny/revoke citizenship to those who are granted it constitutionally.

We can’t effect a change in the Presidency during this election but we can change our state governments and our state representatives.

Over the past eight years under the Rick Snyder administration I have seen more of what the Michigan Department of Civil Rights called Institutional Racism in their report on the Flint Water Crisis.

The current administration has ignored and suppressed the issues of discrimination to the detriment of the life, health and welfare of men, women and children in the State of Michigan under Rick Snyder and I expect Bill Schuette will be worse if given a chance.

My vote today will be to take the racism out of the Republican party.  Perhaps next election the Republicans will present better choices but today, I will be voting Democrat for the Michigan Governor and most other positions.

Today please vote and say no to Racism!

John N. Collins


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